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Sunday, December 27, 2009

The 1:6 scale M5A1 Stuart Tank

The M5A1 1:6 Scale Remote Control Stuart Tank

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Desert painted version
12" 1:6 Figures like GI Joes fit inside

The 1:6 scale M5A1 Stuart Tank by 21st Century Toys® was sold in Wal-Mart and other stores years ago and are no longer in production. It has radio controlled forward-reverse, left-right turning with actual digitized engine, machine gun and turret sounds.
This included the remote control rotating turret and 10 inch dart shooter.
There was also an identical non-electronic version made with the same chassis.
One stock style was traditional Army "drab olive" green with rust color weld highlights, another was "desert" tan with rust and snow highlights.
There was also another "Pacific" version with camo paint and "jungle fever" on the side.

Tanks/mystuart01.jpg Tanks/SDC10234.jpg Tanks/Qv53524.jpg Tanks/Sn42270.jpg
Tanks/recce09.jpg Tanks/recce05.jpg Tanks/vehicle3.jpg Tanks/P1120001.jpg
Tanks/Ki18833.jpg Tanks/InTheSnow06.jpg Tanks/Tq48605.jpg Tanks/Yw68464.jpg

Today, the highly detailed electronic scale model is still being bought, sold and modified. Some of the most common modifications are to add netting, sand bags and to remove the fenders.

Other modifications include; Paintball gun turret, lighting and more professional motor control electronics.
Here are 4 simple items I make and sell for the M5A1 Stuart tank.

Camo Netting

Chow Bucket

Bed Roll w Rope

Well Bucket with Rope


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