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Tuesday, December 22, 2009


The Science of Global Warming

There is no scientifically valid mechanism for carbon dioxide creating global warming. Thirty one thousand scientists signed a petition saying humans are not the cause of global warming. more 

Energy Misdefined

Mathematical proof that energy has been misdefined. Physicists designed a definition of energy which erased some difficult questions which they could not answer. more 

Prions as Junk Science

Prions are proteins which supposedly cause Mad Cow Disease in contradiction to all principles of evolution which do not allow a protein, without separate DNA, to evolve apart from its source (host), and the source cannot evolve anti-survival characteristics. more 

The Truth about Relativity

Relativity is based on contradictions, such as the receiving point of light determining its velocity, so effect precedes cause. That logic is not allowed anyplace. It also requires an infinite number of velocities simultaneously, which prevents light from having a definable energy. more 

Big Bang Theory

It gets more absurd all the time. Galaxies supposedly moved to their present vicinity in a fraction of a second before the laws of physics began. more 

The Biology of Anthrax

The biology of anthrax shows that it is not a terrorist weapon. more 

Phenotypic Variation

Phenotypic variation as an adaptation mechanism is observed as variations in a population which would be genetically homogeneous. It is a method of coping with routine environmental changes which are too rapid to adapt to. Species which have poor gene exchange, such as yeasts, rely upon phenotypic variation more than usual. more 

Intelligent Design

The tools of science do not quite reach into the intelligent design area. They do however find evolution in every element of biology. more 

Asteroid and Dinosaurs

Whether or not an asteroid marked the transition between the dinosaur age and modern biology, grass shaped the result. more 

ATP Theory

Biophysicists developed a theory for energizing ATP which contradicts principles of physics by claiming kinetic energy is converted to chemical energy. more 

Cancer and Evolution

Cancer must be caused by microbial agents, such as mycoplasmas, to have escaped the effects of evolution. more 

The Cause of Heart Disease

Much evidence shows that the underlying cause is chlorinated water, which alters artery walls and causes white blood cells to attack the foreign substance. more 

The Stealth Diseases

Being little more than genetic material, the stealth diseases hide inside bodies for some time before cutting loose with a major disease. more 

Geology of Soil Origins

An earthquake in supposedly solid granite demonstrates that soil was layered onto the tectonic plates from the sky. more 

Heat in the Earth's Core

Lines of evidence indicate that the core of the earth was heated during formation, and it has been cooling since. more 

The Cause of Tornadoes

Tornadoes are caused by clouds rising and creating a vacuum below them. more 

Windmill Efficiency

Windmills for generating electricity would be much more practical than assumed, except that their efficiency is not being properly utilized. more 

Transgenic Crops

They put it in corn; it ended up in soybeans. Are you ready to be Roundup Ready? more 

Fluoride in Drinking Water

Evidence is accumulating in science to indicate that fluoride softens bones and teeth. more 

Morel Mushroom Evolution

Author's research shows that the morel mushroom is in the process of evolving from a single celled organism into a multicelled organism demonstrating dramatic effects in biology and evolution. more 

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