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Thursday, December 24, 2009

The T-Maxx® is a radio controlled, 4 wheel drive, off-road vehicle at 1:10 scale made of plastic.

They are so popular, dozens of companies have taken it on themselves to manufacture and sell thier aluminum alloy parts for these little beasts.
Some people have gone so far as to replace almost every part with metal.

This one is about 95% finished.
The Tmaxx runs on Nitro Methane (dragster fuel)

Tmaxx/DSCN7573.JPG Tmaxx/DSCN7572.JPG Tmaxx/DSCN7571.JPG Tmaxx/DSCN7569.JPG
Tmaxx/DSCN7568.JPG Tmaxx/DSCN7567.JPG Tmaxx/DSCN7566.JPG Tmaxx/DSCN7565.JPG
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Aluminum Alloy CV Axial covers.
Alloy header/muffler junction cover.
Aluminum Alloy Electric Starter cover.
Aluminum Alloy Roll Bars

These 4 parts were made from aluminum tubing purchased at a local hardware store.

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