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Monday, January 4, 2010

Ever Thought Women Suck? Then Welcome!

I'm NiceGuy. Why did I make this site, if I'm Nice? Because: Ameriskanks (mostly) Suck*. ("Ameriskanks" means "North American females" obviously.) And yes, they 're horrible beyond imagination. Don't shoot the messenger. It's actually a good thing for me to come out and say this- our biggest critics are our truest friends because they show us how to improve ourselves. In this case, I'm giving an entire gender the criticism it needs to improve itself.**

Did you ever notice that only a woman can talk about the superiority of her own sex without getting booed or scolded? Did you ever notice there is no shortage of excuses and tolerance whenever sexist speech or behavior comes from a woman? And did you ever notice that any woman who claims to be concerned about "inequality" usually manages to studiously ignore (or angrily deny) the inequalities that favor her?
These types of observations ought to raise a number of ugly questions about women, and yet these types of questions are seldom asked. Why?

Finding ways to talk about those (and other) things is probably one reason you're here. If you're a first-time visitor, before you start going all mad at me and sending death threats and hate mail, you should start-off by reading: why I think U.S. women rank among the most sexist humans on the planet, the Top 10 Criticisms I've gotten so far... my self-introduction and last but not least, my explanation for why I started this site and why I've chosen exile from American gals.

This page is about, essentially, why NiceGuy thinks Ameriskanks (mostly) Suck *. Such as: their extreme and gleeful sexism. Their accompanying denials of their sexism. Their head-games. Their double-standards and double-speak. Their massive and despicable hypocrisies. Their verbal abuse. Their thanklessness. Their narcissism. Their lies within lies within lies. Their never-ending, sanctimonious victimhood mentality. The bigotry they thinly-disguise as "humor". Their mouthy temper-tantrums. Their "I want everything whether I deserve it or not" attitude. Their unceasing complain-a-thons. Their demands to be continuously pampered and showered with money. The fact that they will spread their legs for a man who gives them enough jewelry, yet will deny their obvious whoring. Their convenient blindness to the fact that they scapegoat men and screw-over men constantly. Their knee-jerk denials whenever it comes time to evaluate their own flaws in an honest fashion. How they'll complain of men failing to express their emotions while simultaneously ignoring male emotions with smarmy cries of "take it like a maaaayaaan!" The fact that they routinely behave outrageously unfairly towards men yet always demand that men treat them fairly... Did I miss anything?

As for the Ameriskanks between the ages of 16 and 35, they occupy a special place in my heart. If you've ever met any, then you've probably come-away with the impression that they're (mostly) hopelessly spoiled, incurably psychotic, compulsively mendacious, irredeemably corrupt and intrinsically toxic human beings. That's why I moved-away from 'em: I get quite a bit of comfort from knowing I have distanced myself safely beyond the reach of their vile claws. And nowadays I simply view those trolls with a mixture of bemusement and contempt. Especially since quite a few of 'em seem to believe they're "oppressed" because they get whistled-at occasionally and the Barbie dolls are too curvy. (Pathetic, but true!)
Because they're convinced they've been "oppressed" for millennia, they think they have the moral sanction to behave in a similarly awful fashion-- or even worse. And let's face it: no matter how "liberated" a woman claims to be, she'd probably go on a shooting rampage if she was ever forced to give-up the traditional entitlements and privileges that she pretends to not use whenever they're convenient.

When you come to a country like Japan, the egregious hypocrisy and nastiness of Ameriskanks comes-out in spades. For instance: if you ever call an Ameriskank a "slut", they'll explode in fury. "Why is it when a woman asserts her sexuality, she's a slut?!" they'll screech. But when they come to Japan they'll see foreign men with Japanese girlfriends and get angry because they're not the center of attention anymore. So they'll start to grumble that Japanese women must be a bunch of sluts(!) Hilarious.

And "Where are the REAL men?" they'll demand, while wearing their Wonderbras, mascara and lipstick. "Why aren't there any REAL men left?" they'll whine, with their hair-extensions and acrylic nails. Utterly moronic.

North American chicks are living examples of bait-and-switch fraud-- They try to convince you that you're getting a premium product but three days after you bring her home, a screw suddenly pops-loose and she starts to give-off a high-pitched snarl. And the only way to make this nonstop grating go-away is through constant maintenance. It's high-priced pussy, yet it's still not quite worth it.

This is not a site that advocates the subjugation of women... it just discusses the aspects of their personalities that drive us guys INSANE. But, here is MY personal #1 raison d'être for this site... to voice my frustration over the fact that no matter how caring and polite and generous I've been to American women, NiceGuy could NEVER get the girl. In fact, just to add insult to injury the same women I pursued would seek relationships with total LOSERS. They dated drug-dealers, scumbags, unemployable pig-idiots, gambling addicts, drunks, abusers, felons, drifters... dated ANYTHING rather than someone who actually cared about them (like I used to). They just plain REFUSED to date someone who WANTED to treat them well! If any of you American parents out there have a teenage daughter, then you've already noticed that she will strictly date swine! (By the way: those aforementioned jerky guys are to blame too... so just to get back on an even keel, I'm compensating with why Guys Suck.)

For those of you who might dismiss me as a 'whiner': how can you be a whiner if you demand nothing short of your rights? If a woman points-out any double-standards working against her, she is speaking-up for her rights. When a man does the same, he is 'whining'. It is a form of gender-discrimination if a man can't air a legitimate complaint without being called a whiner- 'whiner' being one of those loaded terms that is used to attack the messenger instead of the message itself. The following is why I am speaking-up for my rights: westerners don't live in a male-dominated society. The sad truth is that they live in a society that habitually blames men for everything. Furthermore, a woman believes in fairness and equality only when they benefit her. At any other time, those concepts barely enter her mind.

Misogynists aren't born- they're made. Be informed: as far as you American chicks are concerned, you have killed-off the nice guy inside me. Got that? You have alienated a formerly respectful and generous person and totally turned him against you! From 2002 onwards, I'm bestowing my respect and kindness strictly on non-American women. Because the American ones do not deserve a single speck of respect or kindness at all.

I'll be adding stuff as time drags on. I admit, it's mainly disorganized, random, stream-of consciousness stuff... the way the human mind actually works. Some very cool women have written to tell me that they like this site. But a lot of women don't like what I say. A lot of women have been very ticked-off by what I've said and send me emails accusing me of bastardry. Well- good! That only proves to me I'm hitting my target between the eyes. A woman can't stand to hear the truth when it doesn't flatter her ego. They know they can't argue with my facts, so they have no choice but to attack my character.

Feel free to write... (But since I'm busy working, I've gotten to the point where I can't respond as often as I'd like to. In fact, chances are I might not be able to reply at all. Apologies if I seem rude, but my schedule is utterly packed nowadays.) But send your thoughts. Be candid! Any horror stories about women who suck? Any women you want to get revenge on? Do you disagree with me? Do you have any naked pictures of your sister? (Made you laugh on that last one, didn't I?)
And keep in mind: I do not want any more advice on how to get an American chick! Okay? That's like giving me advice on how to purchase real-estate in hell. That's like giving me advice on how to get cancer. I have zero interest in becoming more attractive to putrid, revolting, nonstop-lying skanks. If what you send me is intelligent (ex: no race-hate or homophobia, etc.) I'll probably post it... Read and enjoy. Please note that due to me working my butt-off at my job, I probably won't be able to answer in as timely a fashion that I'd like. (Note: some letters may be edited for readability or clarity. And all names have been changed to protect the innocent and the stupid. Except for that of my ex-fiancée...)

*Sincerest and most heartfelt apologies to all the fair women who get wrongfully slandered by my site. For instance, I get-along with many American ladies who are over the age of 40- they tend to agree that women in the 16-35 age-group are mostly lunatics. I'm only targeting the women who think it's perfectly okay to treat men unfairly- and they tend to fall within the aforementioned age-range. There are a lot of women out there who are fair to men, but I honestly don't run-across them very often. (I've also been told that this disclaimer of mine is too weak...)

**I say this because there are also a lot of sexist women out there who think they're perfectly fair in everything they do- because they don't even know they're sexist. Because they think of sexism as something that men do to women and not the other way around. They don't think misandry is wrong; they think it's perfectly okay to be prejudiced and bigoted. They look at their own behavior and immediately say 'I'm not sexist, and even if I am, men are worse sexists than women are...' (Ain't that sexism, too?)

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