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Sunday, January 24, 2010

garage sale helicopter

it looks like it may be a schluter champion .
any info would be helpfull, please post a comment.
i thing everthing seems to work as far as linkage, i plan to take apart the engine and clean out the old fuel and lube.
new pictures coming

heli/DSCN7613.JPG heli/DSCN7611.JPG
heli/DSCN7606.JPG heli/DSCN7605.JPG heli/DSCN7604.JPG heli/DSCN7603.JPG
heli/DSCN7600.JPG heli/DSCN7599.JPG
heli/DSCN7598.JPG heli/DSCN7597.JPG
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