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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Battlezone II: Combat Commander

here is a game i play every chance i get; Battle Zone 2 or Battlezone II Combat commander it has multiplayer internet servers online 24/7 hosted by players and Activision (and this is 10 years after the game was made.) it is first or 3rd person and you can build a huge base with auto defending gun towers and a small army of tanks and other units that do what you want with high intelligence. while there is a short learning curve, the graphics and game play is well worth it. the single player is hard as hell and will train you, but it's best to just start joining internet games and watch whats going on and help defend the base (unless it's a death match game in which case its hunt and destroy) with a bunch of different weopans of mass destruction. the game has been supported and tweaked by a huge community of followers and so it works with the latest video. I run the game at 1440x900 and its is smooth as glass and looks awesome. you can run around killing or help build a base.

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