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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Spaceman Dave's Special FX Blaster

Reinforcements have finally arrived from my home planet, including this loud, vibrating battery operated space aged "Ray Gun"and i am going to run around shooting you and everyone else with it. (as soon as the paint dries) this is a popular toy that has shown up recently on ebay. Im guessing it is from Asia somewhere called the "Daves" Raygun.

ok so here it is a super dooper ray gun with sound, lights and motion with batteries included. this gun vibrates in your hand bigtime. the lights are timed to make a pattern... in and out real cool like at the front and side and along the sides where that line of holes there on the back side are ... on top of all that... there is a bright ass blue LED flashlight affixed at the very top and it all runs on 3 double A batteries :[].

The sounds are the best i have heard from a gun this size so far at this point in time 2010 because i have seen the ones before now and the ones in the future and for this year in time its is ahead of its time.... :{|

Get one here

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