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Friday, January 22, 2010

5 Methods to get Your Dog smiling

Well, possibly not literally, altho it does ofttimes seem alike the three Bone Munchers smiling at me when we’re altogether having fun.

Dogs for certain let you know once they’re happy though. Tails waggling like they’re trying to set off from the floor, and a wiggly botty that looks to have a mind of they’re own!

However busy life gets it is important to always spend some quality time with the Dog in your life. A bit of fun time helps to cement the bond with your Dog and will help to ease away the stresses of everyday life.

Smiley Face is, even though she barely got caught chipping the washing the line!

So what shall we do today? Lets make sure we do all of the following with our little poop machines today.

1. Lie on the floor and roll about. Your Dog will be all across you in secs. They love it when you’re at their level.

laughing dog 5 Methods to get Your Dog smiling
2. Make up leastwise five fresh nickie namies for your Dog and call it them in a dolt voice. You can’t beat assuring a Dog careening it’s head from face to side in absolute confusion at the idiocy of us Humans. There are dozens of nickie namies in the comments department of my Doggie Woggie Nickie Namies base.

dog smiling 5 Methods to get Your Dog smiling
3. A ace long walk. You will not get a more euphoric Dog than when it’s out on a super long walk. If your Dog is banked off lead and so go someplace where the Muttster can have a few freedom and actually get a good run. Our daughters are never more pleased than when they’re sniffing about acting on all those oh so agitating smells.

funny dog smile 5 Methods to get Your Dog smiling
4. I have said it earlier and I will say it once again, Raw Meaty Bones, you will not make a Dog happier. Get a good sized Bone and your Dog will be in munchie wunchie heaven. You’ve the added bonus of some quiet clip as the Bone gets slowly munched away.

funny dog 5 Methods to get Your Dog smiling
5. Take some photos. It’s great to get some snaps of your Dog to reflect on in the future. This will make your Dog smile as it knows to move out of shot as soon as you try to take the picture!

dog smile 5 Methods to get Your Dog smiling

And so, just a couple of little things we can all do on our Dogs for now.

Allow me know if you do it all or what other avid things you and the Demon Dog acquire up to now.

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