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Friday, January 22, 2010

You may have wondered what the monsters really are and if they have an actually anatomy like the rest of us. This website is all about different monsters and how their bodies are wired. From breathing fire to crawling like a caterpillar, they seem to have it all. The monsters mentioned in this website are of Japanese origin and the sections of their organs are depicted and also marked. These are probably the most detailed pictures you will ever find on these monsters.

In addition to their organs, their bone structure is also shown clearly. Different clors are used to show different organs and even muscles are clearly drawn. You can probably put together a plan on how to kill the monster if it ever attacks you, by finding its weak points. These mythical creatures are well known in Japan and have been the subject of a lot of fascinating stories.

Mythica Japanese Monsters 1 671x1023 Monster Autopsy

Mythica Japanese Monsters 2 Monster Autopsy

Mythica Japanese Monsters 3 758x1023 Monster Autopsy

Mythica Japanese Monsters 4 780x1024 Monster Autopsy

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